Oil Insurance – What is this About?Basic Car Insurance factors

Oil Insurance – What is this About?

Oil insurance is an insurance coverage that covers a relatively wide range of sectors involving oil and energy industries.

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Basic Car Insurance factors

Let’s get realistic and accept that no matter how vigilant of a driver you are, accidents on the road might still happen. And to add to your worries, no matter how minimal the car damages or even to you were, these might still cost a lot of damage to your own pocket as well.

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Q: What time should I arrive?

A: Thursday June 26th at 4pm is the earliest arrival time for those who have camping tickets. Do not arrive before this time. You will be turned away. (no performances Thursday night or Friday)

Q: Is there parking if I’m not camping?

A: Yes. At the front of the property will be day pass parking at $10 per entry

Q: Can I bring my child to Lachie?

A: Yes, the show is all ages and children 6 and under get in free. Camping is 19+ only.

 Q: What time do I have to leave if I’m not camping?

A: Music ends daily at 11:00pm. You must leave the event grounds by 11:45pm

 Q: If I’m not camping, can I access the campgrounds?

A: No, you must have a camping wrist band to access the campgrounds

 Q: Nature is calling. Are there decent bathrooms onsite?

A: There will be lots of portable toilets and hand-washing stations on the festival site, and they will be clearly marked on the festival map.

 Q: My phone is about to die. Where can I charge it?

A: There will be a phone charging station at Lachie. Your map will lead you to it!

 Q: I need some cash to buy some awesome merch. Where can I find an ATM?

A: There will be ATMs at Lachie, and they’ll be easy to find with your festival map.

 Q: I injured myself having a great time. Where can I go to get bandaged up?

A: There will be on-site security and first-aid stations, open 24/7. Security personnel will be easily identifiable, and your map will lead you to the first-aid stations.

 Q: My backpack is full of beer. Can I bring it to Lachie?

A: Sorry, no luck. Outside alcohol is only allowed on the campgrounds, not the festival grounds. But never fear – there will be lots of alcoholic beverages for sale!

 Q: My backpack is full of weed. Can I bring it to Lachie?

A: Absolutely no drugs are allowed at Lachie. We’re prepared to show you a good time without all that stuff!

 Q: I lost my backpack, which does not have beer or weed in it. Who can help me find it?

A: There is a lost and found, which will be clearly marked on your handy Lachie map. We’ll do our best to help you find it, but we’re not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Q: My legs are tired. Can I bring in a folding chair?

A: Yes you can bring your folding chair. We also have our grandstands that face our main stages!

 Q: My dog loves Lachie. Can he come, too?

A: Sorry, Fido. No pets allowed at Lachie.

 Q: I want to sell [insert whatever it is you make/brew/grow here] at Lachie. Can I do that?

A: Nope, sorry. Unless you have vendor approval, you can’t sell anything at Lachie.

 Q: I’d like to have a campfire and then light some fireworks. Can I do that at Lachie?

A: We are now allowing small campfires. No fireworks are allowed at Lachie. It’s for your own good!

 Q: How do I get involved with the Lachie, either as a vendor, sponsor, or volunteer?

A: Please contact us at:

 Q: I forgot to bring my [insert something essential]! Will there be a store on-site?

A: We will have a small general store with some necessities in the camping area.

 Q: I want to party and have a really great time. Cool?



For the first time ever, we are pleased to welcome you to party at Lachie for the entire weekend. This means we’re providing not only a great venue for music, […]

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Not into sleeping on the ground? We get it, which is why we’ll be allowing a limited number of RVs and trailers on the Lachie campsite. Everyone who is bringing […]

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Get Involved

Vendors Lachie Music Festival welcomes independent vendors to the event, offering them the opportunity to sell food, arts, and crafts to festival-goers. All interested vendors are subject to approval. Volunteers […]

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Q: What time should I arrive? A: Thursday June 26th at 4pm is the earliest arrival time for those who have camping tickets. Do not arrive before this time. You […]

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